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Didem Gökgöz was born  in 1979 in İstanbul. After completing her high school education at The Koç School, she graduated from the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department of Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty in Bilkent University as the valedictorian in 2001. Then she started her masters degree in Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and fulfilled it with her masters project on an analogue mood changing lamp design called the Dial Lamp for Artemide.

When she returned back to İstanbul, she first worked with collegues as partners, then she started to work solo in her studio 6sides.Co, therewithal she founded Podo to produce designs for pets and street shelters and cosy little houses for the stray animals to raise awareness for their survival struggle in every day life. 

After being a mother she started to see the world with different eyes, and got into a search for safe, sustainable and ecological furniture and toys for her children. When she wasn't able to find any convenient pieces, she decided to create her own ecological furniture and toys first for her children, then for all the kids whose parents are environmentally and healthwise concerned.

 Now she is designing and producing her wooden ecological and unique pieces at Happy Cove Studio's atelier where she founded in 2018, including 3D story lamps and hand-made wooden goods by combining her mother instincts and designer skills.



(Devranoğlu) Gökgöz

Interior Architect / Co-Founder

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