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  • Story Cubes | Hikaye K├╝pleri

    Our creatively anf functionally designed Story Cubes are made of solid beech wood which has a structural barrier of its own that naturally blocks the formation of bacteria.


    For childrens' development the ability to understand and express themselves and tell stories is a major step. These cubes provide good visual cues to assist with telling a story and stimulate creative thinking. Each story will be random and there is never a wrong way to go about telling it! With each new shake of the cubes, new possibilities will emerge creating excellent learning experiences and allowing creativity and imagination to go wild! It works best with groups but can also be played solo.
    For supporting narrative development, these story cubes come highly recommended.
    They are suitable for children 2 and up and the whole family, there is no up age limit.

    First they can start with recognizing the images on the cubes when they are 2 years old, than they go to the next step of telling stories You can start with two cubes and increase the number as the child develops.
    This game for sure become a family favorite in a very short time! :)

    Product made of solid beech wood with laser branding and no coloring, only a water based varnish is lightly applied. 100% Ecological product which is safe for your children to play.

    T├ťRK├çE: ­čç╣­čçĚ

    Bu oyunda toplam 6 adet resimli k├╝p ile ortaya ├ž─▒kacak olan say─▒s─▒z yeni hikaye ve zekan─▒n en yarat─▒c─▒ hali ile son derece e─členceli anlar sizi beklemekte! T├╝m d├╝nyada t├╝m ya┼č gruplar─▒nca zevkle oynanan bu oyunun, ├Âzellikle ├žocuklar─▒n yarat─▒c─▒ zekalar─▒ ve hayal g├╝├žleri ├╝zerinde b├╝y├╝k etkisi oldu─ču kan─▒tlanm─▒┼čt─▒r. Kazanan─▒n ve kaybedenin olmad─▒─č─▒ bu oyun 2 ya┼čtan itibaren herkesin oynayabilece─či, ├žocuklar─▒n kelime da─čarc─▒klar─▒, dil becerilerinin yan─▒s─▒ra hayal-g├╝├žlerini geli┼čtirmek ve onlar─▒n i├ž d├╝nyalar─▒na bir pencere a├žabilmek i├žin harika bir f─▒rsatt─▒r.

    K├╝pler %100 masif kay─▒n a─čac─▒ndan yap─▒lm─▒┼č ve lazer ile desenler uygulanm─▒┼č, boya kullan─▒lmam─▒┼čt─▒r. Kullan─▒lan t├╝m vernikler su bazl─▒ ve kur┼čunsuzdur. Her bir set 6 adet k├╝pten olu┼čmakta ve kendi ├Âzel do─čal bez ├žantas─▒ i├žinde g├Ânderilmektedir. %100 Ekolojiktir.

    Kay─▒n a─čac─▒ do─čal olarak ├╝zerinde bakteri ├╝remesini engelleyen bir yap─▒ya sahiptir. ├çocuklar─▒n─▒z i├ž rahatl─▒─č─▒ ile oynayabilirler.

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